We specialize in new construction, establishment and revision of classics and Neoclassical economists in the field of road racing / road bikes, preferably with steel frame. The good old pieces, which are waiting in our memories or in our garage for the next ride. Steel frame, chrome parts and components that hold decades and still look like new.

Cro-Mo offers his own creations and road racing frame, based on

Classics, according to new hook design or frame building measure and desire. Our Services enclose restoration, renovation, re-design or your dusty classics in a fresh dress.

It also includes a small part of exclusive Single Speed and Fixed Gear creations.

We have various versions of classics from the house of GIOS, COLNAGO, Eddy Merckx, DANCELLI, BENOTO and more in stock and can order your favorit of a classic bike worldwide.

Your wish is our mission

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